Last Days, Looking Ahead

I now declare this photoblog officially launched.

Really, it makes no sense to keep it “un-launched” since I’ve already been posting and people have already been clicking into it. Anyways, I’m starting this as an experiment – maybe I’ll finally start posting some of my photos online. The timing isn’t too bad either since I’ll be leaving soon for a two-month long trip to China. More on that later.


It really didn’t hit me that college is coming to an end until Senior Sunday last week and the recent graduations. Everybody jump for joy.

We usually take pictures from this one spot overlooking the Greek Theatre right after graduations. My favorite in this photo is Manny because he looks like he just fell out of helicopter. Henry is a lot more flexible than I thought.

So today, we the K1 seniors decided to do a little photoshoot around campus, you know, to commemorate our finishing college and all.

My peers, sitting in a tree. Perry looks at home.

Our normal picture, if we ever had one.

That’s more like it.



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4 responses to “Last Days, Looking Ahead

  1. Joanna Chen

    Hahahahaha. O man. I will definitely miss seeing you all around if/when I leave the Bay Area. Nice blazers, KG1 guys! Very GQ.

  2. Paulina

    This is. so. nas. tay.

    Nonetheless, I’m inspired to start my own photoblog. Unfortunately, I’m really lazy about uploading pictures. Hmm…Will get back to you on this later!

  3. jennchen

    I agree with Paulina…I can’t believe I went to high school with two of the brothers in that last pic.

  4. louisa

    hi jasper!

    this is cute

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