I’m back in Orange County right now and I’ll be here for the rest of the week until Saturday night. In the meantime, graduations are done!

Starting from my graduation:

It’s my family…

Thank you Mom and Dad! I wouldn’t have made it this far without all your hard work and sacrifices.

My grandparents flew out here from Taiwan to attend graduation as well. They look pretty hip I think, with the glossy sunglasses and all…

These are just some of my leaders who have taught and inspired me so much these past four years.

Poll: Which sibling pair looks most similar?

Me and my sis…

Kenton and his bro…

or Chris and Chris-2.0-sister-edition?

In the middle of it all, I was actually done really early on – my department’s graduation was the first one (on Wednesday, the 14th), and my finals/papers were all due within the three days after that – which meant I died, but at least I was done a week before it was all supposed to be over. With the time I had, I went around taking pictures of people studying…

Ah, it’s Andrew and Carlton the night before they had final exams. You can’t tell, but here Andrew is actually threatening to stab me with that pen – this is after I told him that I was all done and free.

Marcus’ reaction wasn’t much better.

Anyways, back to week 2 graduations:

That’s Bwang finishing out his college career with flying colors. (I know, har har har)

Snapshot with Carlton and Bwang…

Decent senior shot with Baulina…

Clan picture. So I used to feel alone and marginalized, but just within the past year I’ve come to realize that I have a huge family, in disguise!. Chris, Angela, Sang, John Chung, and myself all have the same last name, albeit with different English translations. We’re all [that character pasted on Angela’s cap]! (meanwhile, Judge pops in wondering what all the hoopla is about)


I guess I’ll end with a random picture of Ken:


No wait, I’ll end with a picture that I forgot to display earlier.



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4 responses to “Graduations

  1. jennchen

    Nice pictures…not sure about that last one though…HAHAHA. Congrats on graduating!

  2. kenton wan

    I think Chris and Chris-2.0-sister-edition gets my vote. and that last picture is hurting!!!!

  3. kenc

    i’d say the two big dawgs and jasper+esther are tied for first.

    i don’t know about that last picture either.

  4. ivan

    That last picture is the best… carlton’s and kenton’s postures are priceless.

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