Laguna Beach

Overall, I enjoy living in the bay area more than I do here in socal. However, one thing that I do miss about being down south is having nice beaches and nice beach weather. So, yesterday Mom, Esther and I went to Laguna Beach to walk around and eat at our favorite beachside restaurant, Las Brisas.

Esther went scrounging around for seashells.

Sunset photoshoot!

Here’s Las Brisas, the restaurant. It looks nice as it is, but after waiting 30 minutes for the ambient light to be right, you get a much more interesting shot…

Lighting is everything. Once the light from the sky darkens enough to match the light from the restaurant and sidewalk lamps, you can capture the best of both (but it only lasts for a few minutes, after that the sky becomes too dark). This is why I’ll never be a landscape photographer – you simply have to sit there and wait for nature to produce the right lighting. Ansel Adams sat in the same spots and waited for days at a time to get his famous photos of Yosemite.


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