Adventures at the Public Storage Lot

We’ve been moving stuff around our new apartment at Grand Central, trying to get settled in and organized before the director sisters get on our case (apparently that’s the tradition, newly graduated bros who take too long getting their places settled get to have the director sisters come in and expedite the process). However, a bunch of guys have been storing their stuff in our unit for the summer even though they’re not living here, so we decided to just move all their stuff to a nearby public storage unit that Darryl rented out.

Thus, Carlton and I packed my car full of stuff and headed out to the storage lot. It was our first time there since Darryl and the other guys were the ones who actually rented out the unit, so all we had was the gate key to get into the lot and a slip of paper indicating we had unit “101.” We pulled into the lot and kept remarking to each other about how much the place looked like a scene straight out of a spy movie or video game:

It took us a long time, but we finally found “101” after driving around for a a while. “Yes! Here it is.” We parked next to the door and got out, but had trouble opening the lock. It seemed somewhat jammed, and both Carlton and I couldn’t open it, even after a few minutes of trying. Finally, I got frustrated and decided to give the lock a good kick. I took a step back, and ‘BAM!’ We looked, and to our disbelief, the lock had snapped open, just like in the movies. “YESSS!” we cried, and started high-fiving each other. Then Carlton reached down and pulled the metal door open. We froze as we looked inside and saw that the unit was entirely empty. “Oh shoot, someone came and broke the lock and stole all of Darryl’s stuff!” After a few more minutes of staring at the empty unit, we noticed that the unit was really deep, larger than any unit Darryl probably would have gotten. Then it finally occurred to us that this probably wasn’t Darryl’s unit. “OH MAN LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!” as we scrambled into the car and sped away as fast as we could after hastily closing the gate and placing the lock back on the latch.

Hopefully there were no surveillance cameras on site, because I can just imagine us on the next episode of “America’s Dumbest Criminals.” Think about it, two guys drive up to a storage unit at 3pm, broad daylight, in a painfully conspicuous box car without any covering on their faces. They try picking the lock for 5 minutes, then finally kick the lock open, celebrate by high-fiving each other, then open a door to reveal an empty unit. After panicking for a minute, they scramble back into their box car and speed off. Great.

Epilogue: We drove around the lot some more, and realized that the lot is subdivided into different sections “A, B..” – we found a unit 101 in a different section that turned out to match the key that we had.


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  1. jennchen

    You should submit this to Dis-Gracepoint…hehe.

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