Sierra Lodge

It’s been a while since I’ve updated as there hadn’t been much photography going on here until the recent few days. I’ve mostly been preparing for China (aka. cramming Chinese characters – I switched to learning just simplified now! Sorry to all my die-hard Taiwanese friends, I still love Taiwan though). On Monday night, Johncai and I went up to the Sierra Lodge with the Kangs and Kims for a couple of days to relax and hang out before we left for China, as it would be our last chance to spend some time with P.Manny and Sunny.

Breakfast on Tuesday morning. You can’t necessarily tell from this photo, but we ate WELL up there.

Corrie over the outlet of Sardine Lake, one of the most pristine lakes in the Tahoe area.

Nice weather, eh?

A short hike up the mountain beside the lake brings you to some pretty good views of the surrounding area.

Which is also where we hosted a rock-throwing contest to see who could knock down the high places! (that stack of rocks where P.Ed’s left hand is pointed)

We are really going to miss you. Too bad we’re leaving for China before the final farewell!

Behold, it is Johncai. He looks like he’s ready to take down the Forbidden City, so tough is that look on his face. Nobody will dare mess with us now, even as we traverse the dangerous places of China…

We had a run-in with a few river pirates, but managed to escape unharmed.

This is my first time seeing Lake Tahoe, nice. Apparently the lake is so deep and the flow so slow that some of the water has been in there for 700 years! Compare that to the faster flowing Lake Erie, which only holds water for about 2 years.

Here P.Manny is dominating in ping-pong, just like he normally does.

Overall, it was a really relaxing and meaningful time spent up there…

Coming soon: We’re having house warming tonight, 9pm at Grand-Central, for some of our staff. Maybe you can come too, just call any of the ’08 bros ahead of time! After that, comes a torrent of China-related posts, brace yourself.


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