Grand Central

Our mass migration into the Grand Central apartments is complete, thus making it the new hippest place to be in Alameda. To celebrate, we hosted a house-warming party and invited some of the staff to check it all out.

Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with Grand Central, but I’ll include it first anyways. My peers forming “2008.” We sort of look like the Beijing 2008 Olympics logo…

That’s our living room for apartment 5. It’s clean, warm, and inviting – the only challenge will be to keep it this way for the rest of the year. Heh.

That’s my nice looking room.

Yesterday, we hosted a BBQ and invited all the neighbors. They’re pretty nice, and most of them agreed that it would be nice to have regular weekend BBQ’s, as people tend to keep to themselves otherwise. Hopefully, we can keep this up.

We ate our veggies too!

That’s all for now, because there’s going to be a bunch of postings from China coming real soon – we’re leaving tonight. Exciting.



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2 responses to “Grand Central

  1. jennifertse10

    The purple sofa and lamp are so pretty! What a surprise to see it in a brothers’ apartment. I guess it’s the brothers’ inner Taiwanese/East Asian style to have more feminine colors… haha. You guys are so lucky to have a swimming pool- one of the perks of living in an apartment or town house. Thanks for the reminder about inviting our neighbors. Cindy, Laura, and I might be having our De Passier house warming party in August… Have a nice time in China.

  2. Joanna Chen

    looks good! maybe post-college guys are cleaner than college guys? i remember the state of the dwight apts… anyhow, WOW i can’t believe you guys are leaving already! hope u all have safe flights! keep us updated!

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