Welcome to the photoblog, my first attempt at posting some of my pictures online, starting with this picture of my sister and I playing in our band many years back!

Hopefully this blog format will be an easy way to share photos without overwhelming you with entire albums. It also lets me insert my own commentary for the photos, which I suppose is a good thing because, knowing my friends, a lot of the photos I end up with tend to leave me with some explaining to do.

Don’t think that reading this photoblog will provide you with any insight into the real me. Case in point: from reading my posts, you might come to think of me as a “cool” and “normal” guy. While I personally think that is more or less the case, these goonies would probably insist otherwise. (them too)

That said, my name is Jasper. I’m a 21 year old recent graduate from Cal Berkeley, soon to be 22. Boring huh? See, nothing here tells you anything about me, give up.

A note regarding comments:

I am dictator of this site. Post comments if you wish. I will remove them if I wish too. But please, post comments. (Your first comment ever on this photoblog won’t show until I approve it, after that, you get posting rights).