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Conquering Huashan


As promised, here is the post on our adventure up Huashan (or “Mt. Hua” in English, which simply doesn’t have as cool of a feel to it, because feelings are everything you know). Huashan is located about about two hours away from Xi’an by bus, and it is quite famous in China: it is known to be the toughest peak to hike among the “five great mountain peaks” of China. It’s also rumored to be the most dangerous hike in the world, but a quick search on Wikipedia finds that to be a questionable claim. Nonetheless, we’ll find out exactly how tough this hike is…

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Sierra Lodge

It’s been a while since I’ve updated as there hadn’t been much photography going on here until the recent few days. I’ve mostly been preparing for China (aka. cramming Chinese characters – I switched to learning just simplified now! Sorry to all my die-hard Taiwanese friends, I still love Taiwan though). On Monday night, Johncai and I went up to the Sierra Lodge with the Kangs and Kims for a couple of days to relax and hang out before we left for China, as it would be our last chance to spend some time with P.Manny and Sunny.

Breakfast on Tuesday morning. You can’t necessarily tell from this photo, but we ate WELL up there.

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